Quality Policy

We are well aware of the fact that the products we provide will have a direct role on the improvement of human health. We acknowledge the extra responsibility constituted by this fact. In this sense, we think that the establishment of a strong operation chain from the very beginning and the delicate advancement of the process are the keys.


All activities are based on validated and certified processes. These processes are documented in detail within the frame of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and being carried out in compliance with the local regulations.

Personnel training is perceived as the key element for the continuous improvement. In this sense, regular trainings are organized throughout all the business functions in order to upgrade their existing skills.

The whole operational procedure of the warehouse fully conforms with the current European Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

The Order and Customer Management Software Module (ORDER®) which is used between all departments, targets accuracy and flowless process through all business units.

With the existence of cold storage room (2-8°C) and ambient storage area, the items are being handled effectively according to their characteristics.

Temperature and humidity levels of all units in the warehouse (reception, quarantine and storing) are being controlled by a 24 hour-monitoring and recording system. In case of a deviation in such parameters, authorized personnel are informed instantly for the immediate action.

Each shipment is organized uniquely and in line with the order requirements and the customer demands. Together with the data loggers, options of validated and insulated boxes are provided for the critically sensitive cold chain medications. Palletization is another practice, depending on the volume and the necessity of the shipment. In addition to the existing methods, new packaging and operational solutions are also being followed and adapted wherever possible in order to further enhance the service provided.

Domestic and international supplier partners of SENSPHARMA are reliable and licensed by the appropriate administrative bodies. Before its acceptance, the control and the assurance of the authenticity of each pharmaceutical product is also achieved by the Fully electronic Batch/Lot Traceability System implemented.



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